Aaron King

Posted On: 

November 22, 2019

Graduating Year: 
Master of Church Music

“Some lessons enjoyable, some not-so-comfortable, but all showing us the height and depth of Christ’s love.”

When I was called to ministry when I was a teenager, I could have never imagined where God would lace and use me. Now, I find myself ministering at Hillcrest Baptist Church in the “Sun City,” El Paso, TX, with a beautiful wife and two wonderful children. I look back and often consider what has brought me to this place, and truly, I can see nothing more than the grace of God. Every step of the way, God’s grace has been sufficient for what we have needed.

One of those steps was the Music Master’s program I had the privilege to complete. Not only did I learn more about music, but I believe my understanding of ministry grew immensely. This came directly from observing the spirit of our professors. I pray I can leave the same impression for the Lord at Hillcrest.

Hillcrest was started in 1956 and is still on the same path it was back then: leading people the be more like Christ. I love watching people come in contact with the Word and seeing it make a difference in their lives. One of the many things I have learned over these past eight years here in El Paso is that no matter how much ministry I “do” or how hard I work, it is still the Word and power of God that changes people’s lives.

This has never been clearer to me than it was in the lives of a young family, Joey and Miki Osborne. While in from out of town, my dad invited him to church when they met at our neighborhood park. They began coming, and immediately I could tell that Joey was searching for something. We began to spend time together, and it was not long until he realized what he needed was Jesus, and he got saved. About six months later, his wife, formerly Catholic, recognized her same need. Now their family serves faithfully at Hillcrest every week!

On this path, God continues to bring us closer to Him, and teach us things we could have never imagined. Some lessons enjoyable, some not-so-comfortable, but all showing us the height and depth of Christ’s love. We truly could not ask for more.

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