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The West Coast Baptist College Alumni group is designed to facilitate communication, connection, and encouragement amongst WCBC graduates and welcomes participation from all its members.

Group Guidelines

When posting within the group, here are some simple guidelines for creating effective, engaging, and relevant discussions:

  1. We always appreciate hearing tips, advice, and encouragement in the content of this page. Ministry updates, prayer requests, position availability, discussion questions, experience sharing, or requests for recommendations are encouraged.
  2. We love to see our alumni network and interact with their peers. Helpful responses and comments are highly encouraged!
  3. Feel free to introduce yourself as a new member and tell the group where you’re from, what your occupation is currently, what year/major you graduated with, and one of your favorite WCBC memories.
  4. Healthy debate is constructive and helpful, but personal attacks or posts/comments that are argumentative in spirit are discouraged and will be deleted.
  5. Please keep all types of promotion for personal gain on your personal account. (i.e. products, blogs, your own social media, etc.)

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