Brandon Campbell

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November 17, 2017

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When I was sixteen years old I surrendered
to be a preacher during a missions
conference at Lighthouse Baptist
Church in Santa Maria, California.
After graduating from West Coast Baptist College
in 2001, I went back to my home church to work on
staff as an assistant pastor and youth pastor for over
fourteen years.

Two years before I became senior pastor at the Faith
Baptist Church in Wheatland, the Lord began working
on my heart about going into the pastorate. After a
year of praying, I told my wife, and we began praying
together. After several months we were confident that
the Lord was leading me to pastor.

Before I talked to Pastor Scheidbach about what God
was doing in my heart, he approached me and asked
if I would be interested in the Faith Baptist Church.
God opened many doors and answered many prayers.
Twelve members voted unanimously for me to be their
pastor. My first Sunday was November 20, 2015.
Wheatland is rural town about thirty miles north
of Sacramento. It is a growing community. One of the
things that drew me to Wheatland was the faith of a
few people determined to keep a church from closing
even though they had been through some very difficult

So far, we have been able to cover Wheatland several
times and two other small towns in our area through
door knocking. We have recently started a street
ministry where we hold verse signs, sing hymns, and
pass out gospel tracts to people on the streets. We also
have a community outreach during the
town Christmas Tree Light festival.
We open the church doors and invite
people to get hot chocolate, coffee,
and homemade cookies. Hundreds of
people have come through and received
gospel tracts the last couple of years.

Besides our door knocking and street
ministries we have seen a tremendous
response to our missions program. We
have been able to raise the support
of the three missionaries our church
supports and begin supporting six new
missionaries in the last year and a half.

We have also seen a tremendous
response to our prayer ministry. We
regularly have church-wide prayer
meetings every Sunday evening. It is
a joy to see a people excited about and
committed to prayer.

Looking back over fourteen
years as a youth pastor it has been
a blessing to see several young
people come through the youth
group, go to Bible college, and
now serving the Lord faithfully
in ministry.

As a pastor it has been a blessing
to see people growing in the Lord.
It is a wonderful experience to see
our church family excited about
soulwinning and outreach.

Over the last couple of years God
has taught me to truly live by faith.
My move to Wheatland was a huge
step of faith and God provided
every step of the way. God has
taught me the importance of
prayer and my need to look to Him
every step of the way.

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