Brent Holley

Update from Nicaragua

Posted On: 

November 17, 2017

Graduating Year: 

Thank you to all who have given and helped with
the development of the new property for the
Waspam church. The house is about 80%
complete and is being used heavily for all
aspects of the ministry. We have been holding
services at the new property for the last several weeks and
built four temporary Sunday School classrooms on site for now.

Over the last year, the Lord has impressed on my heart the
importance of the people shifting their expectation of help from
foreign funds to Him and to begin to take personal ownership
for reaching others and not see it as the responsibility of the
missionary or someone else. This is a spiritual change and for
this we ask for your prayers.

We thank the Lord for the salvation of several souls over
the last couple months. Cesar is a young man who received
Christ and is now in discipleship. He has a desire to be more
involved and study in the Bible Institute. Ora is a local business
owner that has become a friend. She has begun to come to
services and regularly expresses her thankfulness for the clear
preaching and teaching of God’s Word that she now gets.

Continue to pray for us as we work to reach the Miskito
people of Nicaragua.

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