Emily Thompson

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November 17, 2017

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During my junior year of high school in
2002, I wanted to know what my plans
would be for college. I knew God wanted
me to attend Bible college, but which
one? A small group from my Christian school took
a trip to see WCBC and one other Bible college in
California. We went to the other college first and it
was nice, but I knew in my heart, it wasn’t the one for
me. The day I walked onto the campus of WCBC was
one I will never forget. You could sense God’s hand
was all over that place. I met so many people both
staff and students that were so genuinely kind and
down to earth, something this farm girl from the
Midwest really appreciated. They loved Christ, they
loved people and it was so evident. Before I landed
back in Minnesota, I asked God if He would allow
me to go and train at WCBC and every door seemed
to open in that direction. So I began my college
education the fall of 2003.

My husband, Daniel, and I felt early on in our
marriage that God wanted us to have a part in
helping the lives of foster children. Professionally,
Daniel works with a lot of foster children
and it was through this that our eyes were
opened to the great need of loving
Christian homes for these children.
“Mine eye affecteth mine heart...” has
proven so true in this area. We were
just starting our own family and
wondered about God’s perfect timing
in all of it. We had a son under one
and another baby on the way when
we started the certification process.
I can’t say the process was easy but
the day we got a call for that first
placement for a little five year old girl
was life-changing.

Since we have been married, we
have been involved in various
ministries at Lancaster Baptist
Church. Being part of a local church
Bible college really grounded me
and helped me as I developed my
own convictions and standards in
my life. Pastor Chappell has
influenced our lives by being a
spiritual leader that fears God more
than man. This is evidenced by his
strong yet loving biblical preaching
that leads to conviction and then
spiritual growth.

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