Jim & Angie Christensen

Pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Fallbrook, CA

Posted On: 

November 16, 2018

Graduating Year: 

Things here in North San Diego are going much
better than we deserve! I am so thankful to the Lord,
Pastor Chappell, and the staff of WCBC for helping me bring to close
the final classes needed last year to finish my
degree. I am proud to be a graduate of WCBC
as of May of 2017. My wife Angie is in the
middle of her Master’s in Bible at WCBC with
the online program and will plan to graduate
next year.

By God’s grace, my wife and I planted the
Cornerstone Baptist Church on November 1,
2009 in Fallbrook, CA. God has certainly built
something from nothing!

We are coming up next month to a renewed
step of faith for our church and having our
first Missions Conference, November 6-10. We
are currently supporting six missionaries, and
plan by faith to double our support throughout
this conference. Dr. Rasmussen is scheduled
to come and start the conference off for us
the weekend prior, and we are anticipating his
arrival and teaching.

Full time ministry has been a humbling
journey for my family and me as we have
learned to trust the Lord, give by faith, finish
what we start, and touch people’s lives with
the Gospel. We have seen the Lord’s hand in
a mighty way the past few months with over
75 visitors, 1,000 sq. ft. of church office space
added, a new church van for a bus route, and
the hiring of Ryan Flemming (recent graduate
of WCBC) as our first staff member. God is
so good to us!

I thank the Lord regularly for my training
from Pastor Chappell and the staff of WCBC
over the years. It has shaped my philosophy
and doctrine!

Thank you for the few minutes to update
you on our ministry and what God is doing
here in San Diego County. We sure love the
ministry there in Lancaster and regularly call
upon the influence and training of the
spiritual leaders.

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