Nathan and Alicia L.

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November 22, 2019

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“So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”—Romans 10:17

After graduating from WCBC in 2015, Alicia and I married and began serving on staff in Lancaster. Four years later, we are on deputation. I really enjoyed the opportunity to teach at WCBC for a couple of years, but we knew God ultimately wanted us on the foreign field. In 2017 we moved to Colorado to continue to train and grow at Hope Baptist Church in Loveland under the founding pastor Edward Barclay. Under our pastor’s leadership, I was given frequent opportunities to teach, preach, and learn. He demonstrated the importance of discipleship beyond just a course and into a mentoring relationship.

Along the way, Pastor Barclay and our current pastor, Dan Outler kept missions in front of us and counseled us as we discerned God’s will. As a result of a trip to India, I connected with WorldView Ministries. They were praying towards starting a translation project for an unreached people group in Iran. As many who knew us in college may remember, my burden has long been for Muslims in the Middle East. Through Missionary Prayer Band in college and language studies in seminary, my heart was also being pulled toward Bible translation work. God connected our burden for Muslims and desire for pioneer translation work in a partnership with WorldView we are calling the Persia Project. Our goal is to see God glorified through churches being planted in the Middle East; a large part of reaching our goal will be translating Scripture for the unreached. Because of the current difficulties in accessing Iran, our ministry will start out across Iran’s northern border in the much more accessible country of Armenia. Because of our goals, we still request privacy in our ministry for security reasons and request our last name not be publicized in reference to our work in the Middle East. As with anyone in ministry, we desire your prayers. There is much on the road ahead that requires God to work, but God has already shown Himself faithful.

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