An Open Door

Esther Fridenstine

Posted On: 

November 18, 2016

When I arrived at West
Coast Baptist College I
had no idea what God
would do with my life. I
was available and
willing, but only knew
that I wanted to serve God in ministry. God
opened up so many doors for me to learn
and develop. Yes, the classes were awesome,
but the experience and passion for ministry
is what changed me. Through my work study
jobs, serving opportunities, teaching bus
class, involvement in the music ministry,
and investment times with Pastor and Mrs.
Chappell, Mrs. Ferrso, Mrs. Weaver, Dr.
Goetsch, Dr. Rasmussen, and Mrs. Tierney,
God was able to help mold me into what He
had for my future.

I praise the Lord for Dr. and Mrs. Sisk and
the emphasis on missions at WCBC. As the
door in El Salvador opened up and trips were
being made, I had no idea that I would be the
wife of one who was going. I had no idea as
Adam and I became friends my senior year,
that God was developing a young man into
a man of God who would have a burden and
calling so strong that nothing could stop
him. I had no idea that God would use a
missions conference at LBC in 2006 to call
my “boyfriend” to El Salvador. I had no idea
that when Pastor Chappell allowed me to
go with him for an anniversary service of
a school in Cojutepeque, El Salvador, that
place would be my home and ministry for
life. God works in AWESOME ways and HIS
ways are perfect and I LOVE them!

Here we are in Cojutepeque, El Salvador.
Last Sunday we celebrated the seventh
anniversary of the church with 240 in
attendance. Adam preached with power
about facing our giants and overcoming
through our amazing God. A young lady
that I led to the Lord a few weeks back is
going to be baptized this Sunday. Adam had
a meeting yesterday with a young man who
is basing his salvation on works and is so
close to being saved. That is what life is all
about! We have over 25 in discipleship and a
spirit of excitement for the things and ways
of God. When great things are happening,
the devil is always fighting, but we just keep
telling him that he is losing and we are
winning so he can’t stop us.

God is working in the Christian school.
Our team is maturing little by little, and
this year our students have a greater desire
to learn. We had no idea about leading a
school when we arrived, but God is good and
He is giving us the wisdom and strength. We
have a long way to go in every aspect of the
school, but there is so much fruit spiritually.
On Sunday morning when the young ladies
who prepare the music folders, the young
man at the sound booth, one of the main
ushers, and the toddler class teachers are all
school graduates within the last four years,
it is worth it!!!

The Baptist Seminary just graduated its
first three four-year graduates. They are all
working in our school and one is Adam’s
assistant. As we learned at WCBC, we MUST
teach and train the next generation of
laborers. It is so exciting to see what God is
doing through the Seminary and how He is
calling laborers not just in the United States,
but all over the world.

It is amazing what GOD is doing and it is
all through HIM—we are just willing vessels
serving where He has put us. Having a
loving husband and being a mom of boys is
awesome, being graduates of WCBC is a
great honor, and being a Christian in fulltime ministry is the BEST LIFE! We would
not change serving God for the world.

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