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Bible Baptist Church in Everett, WA

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May 19, 2020

Jim Elliott said, “Wherever you are be all there.” Sam and I have spent the last 15 years loving on teenagers. Why do we still work with teens? Working with teens is only supposed to be a stepping stone to bigger and better things, right? For us, we have never viewed teen ministry as something to get out of, rather an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of young people. Over the past decade and a half we have seen hundreds of teens from all walks of life come and go. What used to be a group of 95% public school kids, is now 50% public 50% private/homeschool.

When we started out in 2002, no teenager carried a cell phone and social media wasn’t heard of. Times change, teenagers change but, our God stays the same. We have found comfort in the fact that Jesus hasn’t changed and isn’t going to change. His message will always be relevant. Because of His unchanging message, we don't worry about being relevant with pop culture. We are finding great satisfaction in pointing their hearts towards Christ.

While Sam is focusing on simply studying the Bible with the boys, I have introduced my girls to Bible journaling. I’m teaching my girls how to spend time with God, take notes, talk to Him about what He’s shown them, and then CREATE! Bible journaling is a way to engage with the Word of God; to record personally and in a creative way what God is doing in your heart. I must confess, I am not a writer. Since being asked to do this article I have lost five lbs. and haven't slept a wink! However, if asked to draw a picture of what God was doing in our lives now, that would have been much easier. As a visual learner, Bible journaling has allowed me to connect to God’s Word in a more personal and meaningful way. Being able to share that with teen girls has been so special for me. To look across our youth room and see journaling Bibles on laps of numerous teen girls gets me all giddy! My desire is for every teen girl to fall in love with God and His Word…Lord, may those Bibles come alive!

Over the years the Lord has allowed us trials, He has shown us miracles, He has covered us with His grace and showered us with His blessings. What have I learned? All I need is Jesus. He is enough! So here we are, 15 years later. This is what we do. We LOVE teens. I’m thankful the Lord has allowed me to do it with my best friend. (Oh, and the cutest little 4 year old miracle you ever did see!)

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