Thayne Munday

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November 19, 2021

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Master of Bible
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The song goes, “Little is much when God is in it,” and that is what God has been doing in our area. It’s a small area in a somewhat mundane part of the country, yet God still uses people here to do His will. The Platte Valley is not known for vacation destinations or tourist attractions. It is dry, smelly, and filled with some interesting people, but it is where God has decided to use myself and my family as we serve at Platte Valley Baptist Church.

Moving back to my hometown came with some challenges, but it has been incredible to see God open doors, provide opportunities, help cultivate relationships, and grow His church! Morgan County is a relatively small county with only 23,000 people spread out between five small towns. The area is primarily agricultural and blue-collar workers. With only one or two gospel-preaching churches, it is an area ripe and ready for God to work.

I am blessed to be working under my father, Pastor Shannon Munday, who has been in this area for almost 25 years. He has faithfully ministered to people that may never set foot in a church through the love of God. It’s an honor and a privilege to learn under him. Our goal as a church staff is to shepherd the community and pray for God to work in the hearts of people.

We have had the tremendous burden and blessing of conducting over fifty funerals in the last two years, including several that exceeded four hundred people in attendance. God has allowed us to be used in people’s darkest and most fragile moments. The gospel has been heard, seeds have been planted, and God has been faithful to give us a harvest. We have seen several families start attending church, and many saved through the services, visitations, and counseling. It is humbling to see God use us in these ways.

Our children’s ministry is our primary outreach. We conduct a youth wrestling league on Mondays that brings in close to fifty kids every week. Practice always ends with a devotional and a prayer time. We have seen over twenty kids as well as parents saved and join the church. Our “Kid’s with a Mission” program has eighty regular attendees with salvations almost weekly. Every Tuesday, I get the opportunity to share Bible lessons and the gospel with kids who may never have known it otherwise.

Like most churches, Covid-19 was detrimental to our church’s ministry. Thankfully PVBC has adapted quickly and efficiently, resulting in an average attendance right now of 200 with visitors filling the pews every week. As we go into our Holiday season, we are looking forward to declaring the gospel with love and fervency!

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