The Victories of Grand Rapids Baptist Church

Cody Kuehl

Posted On: 

January 28, 2021

2015 was a year filled with exciting milestones and victories for both our family and our church here in Michigan. Five years ago we knew we were taking a small group of people with the intention of doing a “restart” church, which would include writing the church Constitution, buying or building a building, changing the name of the church, and making it official with a charter. In March of last year we moved into our new building which we purchased and remodeled. Shortly after moving into the building, we changed the name of the church from Breton Road Baptist Church to Grand Rapids Baptist Church. Finally, Sunday December 6, 2015, we had our charter service to begin moving forward as Grand Rapids Baptist Church.

As far as family, our daughter Katie who had been diagnosed with a childhood cancer a year after we took the church (February of 2012) just turned 8! We praise God for giving her all clear reports over the last few years of remission. Our daughter Bella turned 6 this January, and we are excited to welcome a 3rd baby girl this spring. We are thankful for our growing family and look forward to many years serving the Lord together.

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