Lifetime Learning Description and Limitations

Lifetime Learning Description and Limitations


Lifetime Learning is a service that provides all WCBC alumni the opportunity to take one free online WCBC course by way of audit annually.

Graduates from years past can experience classes taught by current instructors. If an alumnus would like a refresher of Baptist History or would like to expand their understanding of media, or dive into a course on Hebrews, Lifetime Learning provides these opportunities.

Valuable and practical content in fields and topics that our alumni are interested in will be provided on an annual basis. If as an alumnus, you are not able to regularly visit our campus, this is a way that can be used to sharpen your understanding of specific topics and fields and stay connected to WCBC.

Here is a closer look at the details of this service:


  • Lifetime Learning is limited to providing one online course for each alumnus per calendar year. Whether your last course was taken in January or December, each new year provides a new course opportunity.
  • Since these courses are taken by way of audit, alumni do not receive any academic credit. Lifetime Learning courses cannot be used towards a degree completion.
  • Alumni will not be allowed to take a course at a higher educational level than they have completed to that point. For example, a bachelor’s recipient would not be allowed to take courses in the master’s program through the WCBC Alumni Lifetime Learning service, however associate’s recipients would be allowed to take bachelor’s level courses since there is a high level of overlap here.
  • Alumni partaking in courses as part of the Lifetime Learning service will be marked in online courses with the “Observer” status. While this status does prevent alumni from participating in discussions or submitting assignments, this designation will still allow alumni to view all course material. This helps our instructors differentiate between alumni and current students.
  • Online courses available for Lifetime Learning may be limited to specific courses within the academic online schedule. For example, Greek courses may not be available to alumni as the high level of interaction needed between the instructor and those in the class may compromise the quality current students receive. These courses would be determined at the rollout of each online course schedule by academics and alumni relations.